Biography :

The band was formed in June 2009, it was named Frozen Flames and due to its amazing members and performances the members decided to play as a tribute band for the Metal Gods Iron Maiden. While covering some of their greatest songs, they also are working on originals for the band. At the beginning a Lebanese guitarist with the age of 15 called Wissam Abboud had an obsession of forming a band that can cover Iron Maiden at their best. He started searching for members, the condition was that they too should be obsessed with Iron Maiden. He called in his friend who is also a guitarist of 18 years old called Roy Lteif who in turn did not hesitate to join the "band". After a hard search, Wissam finally found an amazing vocalist who can sing that close to Bruce, his name is Gerard Gulgulian of 25 years old. Then Roy calls in his neighbor who is a bassist called Jad Youssef with the age of 16, at that time he had only been playing the bass for 3 months but agreed to join them. During a concert called Summer Fusion II hosted by Rockring, Wissam talked to a beginner drummer who had been  playing the drums for 6 months called John Ghanem who was also 16, John also agreed to join. And with beginner, young, but obsessed members, the band took off and turned into a professional band and after 3 months of practice, our first appearance on stage took place in Massaya-Zouk.

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dream Evil, Manowar, Megadeth, Metallica, Hammerfall, Kamelot, Iced Earth, Edguy, Helloween, Avantasia, Dio, Firewind, Judas Priest, Savatage, Dream Theater, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions, ...

Jad Youssef – Bass Guitar :

Born in 4-12-1992. My favorite band is for sure Iron Maiden. I started playing the bass on august 11, 2009. The first song I played on the bass was Brothers of Metal - Manowar. My first bass was a Yamaha RBX 170. After 3 months of playing, I was asked to join Frozen Flames. 
My idol and my favorite bassist is "Cliff Burton" (10-2-1962 till 27-9-1986). He is my influence and one of the reasons why I play the bass. 

John Ghanem – Drums :

Born in 21-11-1992. One day I got mad and bought a drum set with only a Crash and a High Hat. I started to play the drums and I loved it and with time, I started to grow my set. I kept on practicing and got good at it in a short period. At 1st I used to play mostly alternative songs, but then after the motivation of some friends I got really into metal and mostly Iron Maiden after I was influenced by their amazing drummer Nicko McBrain.

Gerard Gulgulian – Frontman :

Born in 28-10-1984 my dream was to be a  heavy metal vocal singing stuff like Iron Maiden. I used to listen to this band from the age of 12.I work in jewelery and precious gems ... my hobbies are football, watching movies and internet ... One day my friends thought of making a heavy metal band, and in the first practice I sang wasting love as a first step with the band but it never worked out ... Finally my dream came true after I joined Frozen Flames, and with this band lay my dreams.

Roy Lteif – Lead/Rhythm Guitar :

Born in 27-12-1990. I have always been fascinated by  music. I started playing the piano at the age of 9.It was good in  the beginning ,but I felt something was wrong. In music stores, I never took a look at the keyboards; but instead, I was attracted by electric guitars. After 3 years, I got bored, and I noticed that the piano was  too "classy" for me. So I gave it up, bought my first guitar, and started practicing. And of course, Iron Maiden were my first influence. When I met Wissam Abboud, we started jamming together. We were inseparable.We passed by 3 bands in one year. Finally our dream came true, Frozen Flames, the Iron Maiden tribute... I am and always will be a diehard metalhead \m/.

Wissam Abboud – Lead/Rhythm Guitar :

Born in 12-12-1993. I began to play the guitar on sept,2007 when i was 14.
I started by playing along with 3 different bands but none worked out.
But I gained enough experience that gave me the chance to start
Frozen Flames. My hobbies are ping pong , football , internet.. and I'm so optimist.