Blood Ink Night was the biggest gig for Frozen Flames, it took place on 16-4-2010 at Tantra - Kaslik. Sound was perfect of very high quality, also a great light system was put. Frozen Flames performed as a warm up act, Monarchy as a supporting act, Blaakyum was the guest band for that night, and last but not least, Blood Ink played for 1.5 hours.
Frozen Flames passed all expectations and gave a great show of performance and quality that everybody enjoyed. 
Review on LebMetal.com:
The opening band was Frozen Flames, who covered Iron Maiden songs exclusively, starting their set with “Aces High”, an Iron Maiden classic and certainly a crowd favorite. At first, the guitar solos weren’t heard well enough, and the bass was a bit too high, but that was taken care of by the time they started with their next song “Dance of Death”. The guys not only play the songs well enough, but they also put the effort to perform well on stage, which is something that a lot of local bands disregard. The next two songs they played were “The Trooper” and “Fear of the Dark”.

Frozen Flames were the first band to perform. At first, the sound was still being mixed to get the best quality; guitars were still low while playing Aces High for Iron Maiden, still the sound quality was good! All guitar solos were played nicely and clearly (there was no major mistakes). I noticed that the vocalist was getting tired and “suffocating” through some passages. We all know singing what Brice Dickinson sings is not easy. Overall, Frozen Flames came well prepared for the show: Dance of Death: Good timing along the long track. I think Frozen Flames is a band destined to grow with its fan base. The Trooper: The guys where flaming and really energetic on stage. 
Fear of the Dark: Timing is always good. One guitar sounded a bit of tune and noisy. This one got the band jumping on stage of course except the drummer . It’s a metal “show”! .

Good Attribute: All bands practice playing , yet not all practice playing on stage.

Review on Lebanesemetal.com :
The event started at 9:10 with Frozen flames covering the best tunes of Iron Maiden. The band’s performance was very good, considering they are a new band and they are a band working hard to get somewhere, the minor flaw I noticed in their performance was at certain points in the drum parts. The drummer made a few minor mistakes but the band managed to put on a very good show. 

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