Frozen Flames' second time on stage was at the RMLB Karaoke Night that was held at Tantra - Kaslik on 5-3-2010. Although we faced problems related to sound difficulties, but the concert managed and it was a blast.
The management behind all this was RMLB led by Jad Joubran and Mjay Slaiby. Frozen Flames lived up to the expectations and gave the fans one hell of a show covering Iron Maiden songs at their best. Jad Joubran also joined Frozen Flames as a third guest guitarist to play Fear of the Dark. The crowd was insane and great.
Review on LebMetal.com :
Some bands showed some potential and others sounded really annoying, the “Iron Maiden” tribute band was impressive, they managed to decently play some of Maiden’s best songs like: Fear of the Dark and Dance of Death.

As for bands’ performance I can only mention few things that I mostly noticed:  Frozen Flames Performed good … but all the time I was hearing “Are they copying Rock in Rio “. Many commented on the vocalist’s attitude on stage “So much Bruce ” … Whatever the comments were, Frozen Flames made the crowd move!  

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