Frozen Flames’ second time at Nova, the band was determined to fix the problem that they suffered the 1st time their (Technical problem).
  The event is a fund raiser for Monarchy’s thundering upcoming album.
The event started at around 9:30 with the 1st band “Primal” who covered Pantera, then came “Frozen Flames” … and last but certainly not least, “Monarchy.”

  Frozen Flames played for about 55 mins … a lot of people gathered in front of the stage to cheer the band ... the band gave a great performance of 8 Iron Maiden Classics.

Review on LebMetal.com:
(As for Frozen Flames)The music they played was almost great, the vocalist did a great job so did the rest of the band. All instruments were clear, a little better than Primal’s. Their performance was real good, didn’t expect any less from the guys. 

As for Frozen Flames, that wasn’t their first performance that I attend and I am not going to say anything again. I just need to mention that someone found them a bit “Cocky” but that’s an opinion I heard and disagree with.

The next band playing at Monarchy’s album release was Frozen Flames. Having been criticized about their unchanged play-list from their first appearance up till their last, it was quite obvious that the band had put much effort in broadening that list. They played a new range of Maiden songs including Clansman, Rainmaker, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Iron Maiden, and four other hits. There were some minor yet noticeable mistakes in the band’s performance. Yet despite it all, they were quite successful at moving the crowd, and intensely so. 

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