"Theater of Dreams," another good event with new uprising bands. This event was covered by Frozen Flames ... but the band did not perform. 
For starters, the event took place at Mon General - Zouk on 8-7-2010 ... the first shock was the huge crowd that showed up for the event, the place was overloaded with about 150 people.   

  The first band "Blue Yeast" started at about 10, the band was absolutely great, with an amazing performance of some wonderful Jazz and Blues songs, the band is formed of two amazing guitarists, Wissam Abboud and Roy Abboud.   

  As for the second band "Accoustic Pearl", their performance was good, some minor mistakes, but good.They played some rock songs, and although the sound wasn't that good, but they put on a good show that everyone enjoyed.   

  "Criss Cross" was the last band to perform, they also played some rock classics, and there performance was good, but guitars' sound was a bit high.   

  Generally the event is considered a good one ... many people enjoyed it ... although next time organizers should work harder (There was no place ... Delay by the owner ... Troubles between owners and organizers)

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