Where Live Music Lives; a concert organized by Frozen Flames themselves; event was sponsored by Mardo, Avalanche, Player, Scream Body Tattoo, Wild Ink Tattoo, Cluckster's, Khabsa Jewelery, X-Press, Daily Press, Sportonic.  Frozen Flames played for 35 minutes some amazing songs like …

Dream Of Mirrors, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and some others … and also played an original, “Skies Of Rainia”. Everyone was jumping around and enjoying their time. It was a very good performance by the band. Though the guitarist Roy Lteif faced some problems with his pedal, but the band managed to pull it off and give everyone a show to enjoy. Some bands played alongside with Frozen Flames like Placid Buzz, Oblivion, Ataxia, and DDA (December Dies Alone). Also a draw took place and prizes were won during the concert.

Review on LebMetal.com:
Frozen Flames was next in the lineup. The band was well prepared and they had a great set-list. Now some people already know what I think about covering Maiden, but this band is actually an exception. They played each and every song, including an original, in an amazing way. Too bad the sound was starting to deteriorate and the band faced some technical problems on stage. However, they didn’t fail to excite the crowd and give them a great show. Kudos to the vocalist, I actually closed my eyes at one point and I was able to imagine Bruce Dickinson on stage!

9/15/2010 10:24:39 pm

A great concert and a great show ... gd luck :d


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